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Sept 15, 2001

Guess it is time for another update... I have some good news, and some bad news. The good news is actually quite good. I ran at Cordova FFW this past weekend, and I must say that the JY motor impressed many people, myself included. The best pass saw a 12.301 second run at 111 mph!! The car weighed in at 3360 with me in it. I didn't bother to take the spare out or anything, just ran it. I did drop the front anti-sway bar though. The car also achieved its best ever 60 foot time, going from stop to the 60 foot mark in just 1.634 seconds. That was fun. I should have a pic soon that shows at least one wheel in the air! That is also a first. More on the good side, I won $40 racing on Saturday. Now the bad news.... I was still in the race on that $40 run, when the oil pump locked up. GACK! It broke the distributor, and the cam too :( The parts are here, I now need to pull the motor, fix, and put back in *sigh*

It is going back together with a Comp Cams 292H, which will increase the HP a lil bit, along with the Victor Jr heads, as I have sold the RPMs. Those RPMs were excellent heads after the port work. They will serve their new master well.


March 17, 2002

Woah, time for an update! The shop is coming together nicely, and so it will soon be time to get the engine back into the car. After much debate about the piston-valve clearance (lack there of with the new cam and heads), I have decided to go the easy route, and use the dremel in the corners where the reliefs are not big enough for the 2.05 valves. I will hopefully soon have an update with pictures.


April 23, 2002
Here is a pic of the car getting ready for this season. Catch more of the updates on the Griggs pages

April 27

The car is once again together, running and down off jackstands. The larger cam has less of a vac signal at idle, and has a bit more lope to it. It will be fun to get it out and see what it is made of. Now if only the weather will cooperate....


Arp 28, 2002

Here is a pic of it assembled and almost ready for action. Why almost? Well, the Griggs Tubular K member is a nice piece, but it does require some minor body modifications, especially on the pre-87 body fox cars. This modification is now done, at least how it will be for a while, and details can be found here. After the modification were done today, I took it out for a spin. I seemed to do a pretty good job on the alignment from the new K member, as I could let go of the wheel, and it tracked pretty straight. A true alignment is getting lined up now though. The new engine runs well, and it should be a fun season.


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