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Griggs Racing -- Page 3

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April 1

No April fools joke here folks... Here's a pic of the new tubular A arms fresh from the big brown truck


April 1

Here is a pic of the new front stuff mocked up, and ready to make it's way to the Mustang.

April 12
Got a chance to work on the car today, here are some pics. As you will see, the Griggs tubular K is quite a bit smaller, and you can (I think) easily see that it is lighter as well.

This is a pic of the old K-member. Blech.

Yeha! header clearance! starter clearance! and 45lbs shaved off the front of the car. I'm liking it.


April 15
Here is a pic of the spindle being installed after having drilled the steering arm hole out to 5/8" in the new drill press. The modification is necessary for the bumpsteer kit.

... and the passenger side

In this picture, you can see the Griggs bumpsteer kit. This allows for the suspension travel to not have an affect on the steering geometry. It is adjustable by changing the shims. It is installed right now to make the steering arm and the A-arm as parallel as possible, until I get the weight back on the tires and can make the final adjustments.

Just another pic of how clean this puppy is looking.

Here is a pic of the Flaming River rack, all snugged up and ready for action. This is so much cleaner in about every aspect. Too bad it will get covered up by an engine.... hmm.. nah. It's okay.

Here is the body panel before the hack job. Although it looks okay, I will be taking it to a body shop to get it looking better than okay. I really wanted to leave it intact, but it just isn't possible to do that and get any reasonable sized tire to have enough clearance.

This pic shows the same area after I did the clearancing. On this body style, what that amounted to was removing the fiberglass/plastic piece of body molding that fits up against the metal of the quarter panel. The inside of the panel was then modified somewhat, to allow the tire to swing by. In the future, the car will be taken to a body shop, where it can be made right, and will look better. It definately could have been worse though. Interestingly, the panel was only primered under the plastic. I put some paint on it, and will put another coat on it later. Given the amount of modification that just occured, I am pleased with the outcome.