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Aug 8, 2001

Got the '69 today. Talk about old school.. Iron intake manifold, iron exhaust manifolds, iron water pump, front brackets were about 1/2" thick, etc. It worked well in its day, but time to lighten it up, and make it work better.


I wasn't able to do a leakdown, because I don't have the right hose for the larger sparkplugs. So I figured I would pull the heads, and see what I found. I am planning on using the RPM heads on this engine for now anyway, so I will throw one of those on with a old gasket, and see what the leakdown figures are tomorrow if I have time.

Cylinder walls look a lil shiny. The leakdown test should tell the story though. There isn't much of a ridge on the cylinders, but you can feel it.

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