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Current Project -- Page 2

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Feb 28

Well, there it is. The big gaping hole that is left after a powerplant is removed. I am going to order the bearings now, and start putting it back together. It sure would be nice to put that Eagle 4" stroke forged steel crank in, with some J/E pistons, but it won't be this year. Other than the engine bearings, the suspension gets the focus of this year's efforts. I already have more power than the existing suspension can utilize. Not for long.

Feb 28

This is one of the fine pieces that will be replacing less than fine worn factory parts. Enter--The Flaming River steering shaft. This is a really fine piece of metal craftsmanship, with polished joints, and good quality universal joints. This will be replacing the factory "rag joint" steering shaft, so called because of the piece of re-enforced rubber that sits in the factory shaft as a vibration dampner. So will I feel more vibration in the steering wheel? Probably, but the increased road feel should more than make up for the difference. Besides... vibration is bad. If you feel too much, something else is wrong. Any vibrations that there may be, may be trying to tell you something. The factory ragjoint, by design, hides these from you. Kevin @ Atomic Banana Racing has the good deal here.

Feb 28

Why? Don't really know. I just thought I would take a picture of the pile of stuff that isn't going to appear on the car again after this phase of the project is over :)


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