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Current Project -- Page 16

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April 3

I got my new rods today... thanks CJ. They look sweet, and should last me a good long time.


Just a quick pic to show the diff in the two setups. The old one on the right hand side is noticabily heavier (and weaker, ironically)


Well, need to start getting things lined up and ready to bolt together. I spent some time today cleaning the intake up a little bit. Here is a good recipe. Get some emulsifying degreaser, soak it down and let it sit for a while. Hose it off, and let it dry, then hit it with some Eagle Mag cleaner. This stuff works great! Make sure it is the etching kind (ya, don't leave it on too long). Rinse it off after 30-40 seconds and let it dry... wallah! shiny intake.

I also removed nearly 1/2 of an inch off the "Mustang" wingnut that I use for the air filter lid. I am running a new K&N Xtreme flo lid this year, and it sticks up just a little more than my current Moroso lid did, so I wanted to make sure I had the clearance for it. I am hoping this will do it.


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