Current Project -- Meade ETX-90EC

Here is a picture of the new setup. I got tired of having to find the object with an eyepiece (EP), then taking the EP out, putting the camera in, having to center the CCD, then focus it, only to have to put the EP back in to go to the next object. I decided it is time to take advantage of that other opening on the scope, so with the help of some funds and an order to scopetronix, I picked up a straight through visual back for the etx. This allows me to put the cam in the straight through, and an eyepiece of similar magnification in the 90 degree finder. I can then adjust the cam so that the focus is about the same as it is with the EP, and like magic, just flip the mirror and the image is on the CCD. I am still working on perfecting this setup, but have taken a few movies with it, and it shows some tremendous promise.

Also shown in this page are a couple other items I purchased from scopetronix. A Meade 90 degree viewfinder. A couple comments on this FOV=good optical quality=bad. Does anyone else have any similar experiences? I am still debating about it, but should maybe send it back. Also in the picture, is the Meade electric focuser for the etx.. VERY nice.

heh, I have an observation deck, too. Here it is even :) In all actuality, it is quite a pain, since it isn't sturdy enough. With high magnification, I have bad jitters. I have taken a few steps to shore up the scope, and the biggest advantage I have found so far, is to take some foam insulation (the kind that sticks on one side for doorways, etc), and put it between the scope and the tripod mounting area. It ends up with 2 strips over the battery cover of the scope, and makes a HUGE difference in the stability of the combo. Well worth the $.09 or whatever it works out to be.


Here is tonight's setup on the "observation deck". I have the visual back on, with the homemade ccd imager. Lets see what we can see tonight :)