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The progress on the new shop-- Page 1

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The new shop is a Wick Buildings building. It is a 30x48 building with a 12 foot ceiling, so a hoist will fit, of course :) The colors, that you will be able to see on this page eventually, are smoke grey with hunter green trim/accents. A full concrete floor is going in, and eventually, I will be insulating it, and figuring out what I want to do for heating.

First, we stake it out. 30x48 takes a good bit of land, and makes mowing easier too. You can see the shape the old shed is in by looking at the trailer. Anyone want some tin?

Next, a LOT of fill dirt/clay is brought in to make the grade level, and give drainage to the building.

Just another picture of just how much fill this thing is going to take. The level is a little bit high for my likeing, so they are going to come back and take about 6 inches off the top.

The dirt dude came back today. He's done good finally. It looks like we are ready to roll!

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