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Jim's Powerplants

This was the first 351w engine I had built for use in my Mustang. It consisted of a 69 block, bored 60 over (don't worry it was checked, lots of beef in those blocks). RPM heads, right out of the box, RPM intake, right out of the box, Comp Cams 280H cam, and FMS 1 5/8 shorties. This was a fun engine, produced a good amount of power, and ran like a dream without using any oil it's whole life. It was only taken down to add more power ;) best time for this engine, with Road race setup -- 12.6 @ 107.7mph

This is the second iteration of the 351w powerplant. The short block remained pretty much the same, but that is where the similarities end. A 7 qt canton race pan was added, covering a melling pump, and a main stud girdle. On the top, the heads were taken off, and treated to a full balanced flow porting, along with a new Victor Jr intake. The hydraulic cam was replace by a solid mechanical cam, the timing set was upgraded, and the carb was treated to a complete make over to support the new amounts of power. The FMS shorties were sold, in order to be replaced by BBK 1 3/4" long tubes. This current combination has seen a best of 12.08 @ 114.5.

This is the first 2001 engine. From the outside, it doesn't look much different at all than the 2nd engine. From the inside, the following has changed: Victor JR heads, higher lift cam, forged pistons, higher compression ratio, Eagle rods, FMS windage tray, and some other small stuff. Quite a bit different engine really.

This is the second 2001 engine. The engine was bought from a local salvage yard, and the bottom end is just as Ford made it in 1969. It was freshed up with rings and bearings, and re-assembled. The internals are a combo of the first two engines on this page, with the Comp Cams bumpstick from the first engine, and the ported heads/intake from the second. This combo went 12.3@111 with a 1.63 60 foot time at Cordova FFW, 2001. See the buildup of it here.

April 2002

Yet another combo. This year the junkyard motor goes together with a Comp Cams Magnum 292H, and the set of Victor Jr heads.